WCPSS Suspension And Arrest Data

What will you find in these foldersIn the subfolders (divided by school type or school level), you will find school-specific information for each school within the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). Some materials are still being created and will be uploaded as they are finished. 

What are in the ‘Elementary, Middle, High School, and Alternative Learning Schools’ folders? 

  1. A School Level Fact Sheet for your school: This document (available in English and in Spanish) has information about your school’s: 
  1. Student population makeup b. Use of Short-Term Suspensions c. Use of School-Resource Officers to address school-based misbehavior ***The data in these Fact Sheets was obtained from public records requests to WCPSS related to suspensions and policing, from reports published by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction related to suspension, and from demographics data published by WCPSS (also included in the folder). 
  2. Information about School Improvement Teams and School Improvement 

Plan: The folder contains information about: 

  1. School Improvement Teams in general, including what the law says about 

who must be represented on School Improvement Teams and what must be addressed in School Improvement Plans b. Information about who is on your school’s School Improvement Team, 

when they meet, and how to access your School Improvement Plan. 

  1. A 2017-18 District Facts Report: To help you learn more about your school, and 

see how it compares with others in terms of demographics, this document (published by WCPSS) contains school-level information about the number of students: 

  1. In each grade b. Disaggregated by race 
  2. Who receive free or reduced price (F&R) lunch d. Classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) e. Classified as academically/intellectually gifted (AIG) f. Classified as exceptional children (EC) 
  3. A Report Card from DPI for your school: This document (published by the 

Department of Public Instruction (DPI)) has information about your school in the 2017-18 school year, including: a. Overall performance b. Student characteristics and participation c. Career and college readiness d. Student performance e. Teacher and qualifications f. School Environment 

What is in the ‘Wake District Resources’ folder? 

  1. An Issue Brief that provides an overview of WCPSS’ discipline and policing 

data, including a comparison of schools 

  1. District Level Fact Sheets, including: 
  2. A 2017-18 Fact Sheet created by Advocates for Children’s Services at 

Legal Aid of NC. b. A Racial Equity Report card published in 2018 by the Youth Justice Project

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