SRO Complaints

Have you been harmed or mistreated by school police officers or security guards? EJA and partner organizations want to provide students and parents with the support needed to submit and monitor formal complaints against school police officers and school security guards who violate their rights and harm students while attending school or participating in a school-related activities.

Formal complaints can be filed against school police and security guards for many reasons, including:

  • Use of force (such as pushing, tackling, use of pepper spray or taser, punching, chokeholds, etc.)
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Violation of school policy
  • Insulting, demeaning, or humiliating treatment
  • Any other inappropriate or harmful behavior

If you believe a school police officer and/or school security guards has violated your rights, please contact us at to request support in preparing and submitting your complaint. 

More information about filing a complaint on your own can be found here:

This general information about how to file a complaint is for educational purposes for those who are seeking to file complaints with the school district or police department against school police officers and school security guards. If you are seeking legal advice or want to file a lawsuit in court, you should contact a local attorney.

If you believe a school resource officer and/or school security guard has violated your rights, please click here:

If you are looking to have a Know Your Rights training in regards to SROs click here: 


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