Launch of Parent Power Institute
Launch of Parent Power Institute

We are executed to share the launch of our Fall 2023 Parent Power Institute(PPI). We have 14 parents from Wake County who have students in the public education system. Who will be working with us for 4 weeks beginning Oct.14th.  Our goal is to equip parents with effective tools to support their children’s education. They will learn about the history of education, how to stand up for their child’s rights in the Wake County Public School System, and how to make real changes in their community.

This year, our focus includes discussions on unfair discipline practices, the changing landscape of public education, and better ways to advocate and support Black & Brown students, LGBTQ+ students, & students with disabilities. Together, we will examine the policies that are negatively impacting our children and work towards fostering meaningful change through collective efforts.

To learn more about our Parent Power Institute follow us on social media.

For any questions please contact our Parent Organizers Surena Johnson at & Mike Figueras at

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